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UPDATE: Shooting on Tooker Place

By on Apr 10 2013.
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15 Tooker Place

15 Tooker Place

In the late hours of Tuesday, April 9th into the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 10th, residents of Springfield were woken up by lights and noise in the Tooker Place neighborhood. The incident drew a response from several public safety and law enforcement agencies, including the Springfield Police Department, Fire Department, First Aid Squad and Union County Police.

According to official reports from the Township, the location of the incident was 15 Tooker Place.  The less than a quarter acre lot is owned by Timothy Penna, 42.  Penna lives there with his wife, Brandy.  Penna and another unidentified gentleman were allegedly discharging firearms in the rear of the property.  More than two dozen gunshots were heard fired.  Reports indicate a child was inside of the home.  The gentlemen retreated inside.  Neighbors reported hearing law enforcement officials using a loudspeaker to persuade the gentlemen to come outside.  Their attempts were unsuccessful and resulted in a forced entry by the Union County SWAT Team.

The Springfield Fire Department arrived on the scene around 3:25 a.m. in response to a request for assistance by police.  Firefighter Federico, acting as the Officer-in-Charge, responded with Engine 4.  They ensured the home was ventilated properly as a result of pepper spray used by the SWAT team.  Springfield Firefighter Perros was escorted by Springfield Police Officer Esteves to set up a fan for the ventilation and cleared the area by 4:25 a.m.

Sources indicated two gentlemen were taken into custody.  One of them later complained of a health issue and was escorted by Police to the hospital.  It is unclear whether the weapons were properly registered.


The other gentleman that was arrested along with Timothy Penna is Matthew McDarby, 44. A little more than a dozen shots were fired from a .45 caliber handgun in the backyard of 15 Tooker Place. Sources indicate alcohol was a factor. Penna’s wife and 4-year-old child were inside when law enforcement responded but were not home during the shooting. The Union Count SWAT Team was requested by Springfield Police after they had made efforts to communicate with the men by loudspeaker. Police Chief John Cook is a former member of the SWAT Team. Another man in the area, reportedly his father, assisted by calling Penna to convince him to come out of the house. According to public records, David Penna, lives at 151 Tooker Avenue just down the street. McDarby would not exit until the Union County SWAT team entered the house. The handguns were found to be legally registered.

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