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Letter to the Editor: Keeping the Spirit of Memorial Day

By on May 7 2013.
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The following Letter to the Editor was e-mailed to Springfielder.com

Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day Parade

I don’t know about you, but I miss the good old days when you couldn’t wait to line up for the parade that was coming to town.

You couldn’t wait to hear the marching bands. See the old fashioned cars, and fire trucks. We always had a huge contingent of Veterans with the flags flying from all branches of government also marching. It was a proud moment for our town.

See your friends marching down the street. That’s the thing about a parade, you don’t walk in a parade, you march. Just like the soldiers who fought and died or were wounded so that we could be free. We were representing either the baseball team we were on, boy scouts, or the brownies that I was part of. It was an honor to represent your organization in front of the town. We had to practice how to march; single file, how to smile and wave at all the people lining both sides of the street. Sometimes we saw our parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, or most times we just saw a friendly faces smiling and waving back at us.

Help us bring back the tradition of a really great parade, one that we can be proud of that honors our fallen men and women with a huge turnout of people that we can look forward to and that our kids can have the same feeling of pride and patriotism that we did.

We are looking for organizations that would like to march, if you have an old classic car you would like to carry a proud veteran in, or a new car you are especially proud of. Please help us make this Memorial Day a memorable one and the start of a tradition where you not only participate by marching with your organization or group, or you come watch with a new found patriotism.

Let this Memorial Day be about remembering our soldiers first, barbecue second.

This year you and your children can participate and be in the parade. Help them decorate their bicycle with a patriotic theme and they can ride down the middle of Mountain Avenue and show their support for our Veterans.

If you want to participate or need more information, please call Geri, Springfield Improvement Team at 908-370-2318 or email geribuj@gmail.com.

Thank you and hope to see you there.

Geri Bujnowski
Springfield Improvement Team

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