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Fire Department September Blotter

By on Oct 7 2013.
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Springfield Fire Department

Springfield Fire Department

September saw an increase in total incidents over the previous month.  Response to Sofia’s restaurant a result of cigarette fire.  The Springfield Fire Department has released statistics and brief narratives for their September activities.

– Fires
Structure 1
Vehicle 1
Brush 1
Dumpster 0
Other 1
– Rescue/Medical 60
– False Alarms 21
– Mutual Aid (Given) 4
– Hazardous Materials 7
– Hazardous Conditions 2
– All Other Responses 41

Monthly Total for All Incidents: 139

Year to Date Incident Total: 1191

Notable Incidents:

September 2nd – Engine 4 (Tour 1) responded to a power line down at the intersection of South Springfield Avenue and Evergreen Avenue. While securing the area, Engine 4 saw a moderate smoke condition coming from a residential over commercial building. The incident was upgraded to a full response for Unit 2, Engine 3 and Rescue 1 (Recall). The power line caused an exterior fire on the building. Springfield was assisted by a Summit Ladder, Union Engine and Westfield Engine. When the power line was deemed safe, the fire was extinguished.

September 6th – Engine 4 (Tour 4) responded to an Evergreen Avenue residence for a carbon monoxide alarm. Engine 4 found high carbon monoxide levels caused by a malfunctioning hot water heater. One resident was treated for carbon monoxide exposure. The hot water heater was secured and the residence ventilated. PSE&G responded to check the equipment.

September 7th – Unit 1, Unit 2, Engine 4 (Tour 2) and Engine 3 (Recall) responded to a Beverly Road residence under renovation for a natural gas leak inside the basement. Engine 4 arrived, secured all ignition sources and evacuated seven (7) surrounding residences with the assistance of the police. Engine 4 connected to the hydrant and stretched a protective hoseline. PSE&G arrived with a full crew, dug the street and shut off the service at the curb. The building was allowed to naturally ventilate, then the surrounding residents were allowed to return.

September 9th – Engine 4 (Tour 2) responded to a Linden Avenue apartment for a carbon monoxide alarm. Engine 4 found a problem with the stove. PSE&G was notified to repair the problem.

September 13th – Engine 4 (Tour 4) responded into Mountainside for a vehicle fire. Engine 4 was cancelled en-route by Mountainside Fire Department.

September 18th – Unit 1 and Engine 4 (Tour 1) responded to Caldwell Place for a garbage truck fire. Engine 4 connected to the hydrant and extinguished the fire with Class A foam. The load of bulk waste debris was dumped onto the roadway and fully extinguished. Springfield DPW assist with spreading out the material, then removing it from the roadway.

September 18th – Engine 4 (Tour 1) was requested to assist a Union County EMS crew with a bariatric patient in Mountainside.

September 21st – Engine 4 (Tour 4) responded to the Union County Composting Center for a large mulch pile fire. The incident was upgraded to a Full Box for additional units. Engine 3 and Engine 1 (Recall) were assisted by a Union Engine and Westfield Engine to shuttle water onto the site.

September 21st – Engine 4 (Tour 4) was dispatch to Plainfield Fire Headquarters on a mutual aid cover assignment.

September 22nd – Engine 4 and Engine 3 (Tour 1) responded to a Crescent Road residence for an arching electrical outlet. Engine 4 secured the electrical outlet and advised the resident to contact a licensed electrician.

September 25th – Engine 4 (Tour 4) responded to a Morris Avenue restaurant for a smoke/odor investigation. A smoke condition was found, but the source was not readily identified. A Full Box was transmitted for Unit 1, Engine 3 (Recall) and Union Truck 3. After a 40 minute investigation, the source was determined to have been a discarded cigarette fallen in a gap in the sidewalk caused a small fire under the sidewalk near the curb. The smoldering fire was extinguished and the building was checked a final time.

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