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Huber & Amlen Called To Task For Campaign Claims

By on Oct 25 2013.
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Huber Amlen Political Mailer

Huber Amlen Political Mailer

A campaign mailer sent out this past weekend contained several wild exaggerations by Township Committee candidates Huber and Amlen, but one in particular crossed the line with their opponents Fernandez and Stampoulos.  In less than twenty-fours, fact checkers reviewed public records to confirm their recollections that point out a clear and indisputable lie by the Huber-Amlen team.

Claiming to have “controlled taxes”, Huber and Amlen again attempt to rewrite history by boasting that they “eliminated the unfair sewer tax enacted by their opponents.”  The sewer bill charges were enacted over three years ago, and their opponent, Diane Stampoulos, was not serving in office at the time.  Neither Huber nor Amlen were even members of the Township Committee when the issue was legislated and eliminated by repeal of the ordinance, making it impossible for them to have taken any action on the matter.

However, Huber and Amlen were present in the audience at the Township Committee meeting on December 14, 2010 when Ordinance #2010-41 was passed.  The duo even commented publicly and expressed opposition to repealing the sewer tax, seemingly content that taxpayers had two pay the separate bill.  According to the official minutes of the evening, Huber is on the record questioning the move to eliminate the sewer tax.

This public deception by Huber and Amlen did not sit well with Fernandez.  He attended the October 22, 2013 Township Committee meeting and sat patiently waiting until the public comment portion to raise the point.  Amlen, caught off guard and visibly confused, stumbled for words before admonishing Fernandez for not adhering to meeting rules.  Committeeman David Barnett quickly jumped to Amlen and Huber’s defense and lectured Fernandez on the inappropriateness of discussing the matter at a public meeting.  Amlen brushed it off and told Fernandez to address it at the debates.  Fernandez has also posted a video on his Facebook page to clarify the record for voters.


Which candidates for Township Committee are you voting for?

  • Jerry Fernandez (78%, 35 Votes)
  • Diane Stampoulos (64%, 29 Votes)
  • Richard Huber (24%, 11 Votes)
  • David Amlen (20%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 45

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